About Us

We Believe in Technology

Our team comes from diverse backgrounds but we are united in our passion for the tech sector. We have experienced everything from working with FAANG companies to Silicon Valley software startups and have picked up a career full of experience with all kinds of technical problems.

From Oracle databases to AWS S3, statistical regression to convolutional neural networks our team has a wealth of hands on industry experience. Here are some areas of Software Development we specialize in:

  • Enterprise web development
  • Data storage both traditional and on the cloud
  • Distributed compute
  • Data analysis and statistical modelling

Our Methodology

Software Projects are only getting more complex. It seems every day there’s some new open source library that everyone is jumping on. Every effort now requires the skillful intersection of many technologies.

We leverage our intimate understanding of the multi-faceted areas of Software Development to help your business navigate a sea of competent candidates to select the one perfect for your business case.

We have been leveraging our technical experience to find superstar candidates for more than a decade. We pride ourselves on taking a holistic view of every possible candidate and analyze their technical knowhow in context of the business purpose and the project context at large. 

Our Mission

We understand that in being the ever-evolving and rapidly moving landscape of technology one having the right experts for the right cases makes or breaks initiatives. Thus, we are constantly committed to providing bespoke talent for every specialized business need. 

We believe in maintaining close relationships with all our clients so we can work together and ensure that our talent continuously exceeds expectations and deliver measurable value to your business.