Extensive Experience – Our extensive experience in large-scale web-based application architecture, network/system security, and knowledge of products from IBM, Oracle/Bea, Microsoft, made the selection of platform and technologies, and design development of the application smooth and efficient.

Through many years of practical project experience, we have developed best practices for successful project management.

IT Expert Management Team – ITCAD is a technology-oriented firm. Led by a team of industry specialized experts, all of ITCAD staff have strong IT technical or IT management backgrounds, we have the right attitude towards the solution and we are able to understand the problems from the “Customer point of view”, and it is much easier to communicate to us regarding project issues and technical issues.

Qualified Resource – With our experience, we make sure we assign a qualified consultant for the job, follow pre-established check-points and make sure the project is on track.

We maintain a professional staff database which provides resources in various domains, such as programming, developing, quality assurance, technology system design, and application architecture design.